A total phenomenon that hit the gaming world by storm. Drawing players from all over the world and various demographics, MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) has definitely evolved since the days of M.U.D (Multi-User Dungeons) incorporating the social aspect that its predecessor lacked. However MMORPG has given birth to various issues such as online gaming ethics, online communities & gaming communities – Guilds etc, addictive gaming, social rejection, isolation and many more. A rippling effect is seen through MMORPG as a catalyst to the arising gaming issues.

South Korea, a country well known as a wired-nation, possess another aspect of MMORPG and gaming addiction that runs rampant throughout the whole nation. Crimes involving MMORPG has extended beyond cyber-crimes to robbing players outside cybercafes to stalking other players. The issues that surround MMORPG are not all that alien to the online community, though the emerging issues has shocked the general public, crimes are moving beyond the virtual reality created by these games in to the reality of our day to day interaction.







Emerging Grey Gamers

Interestingly enough, the insurgent of technology in to our everyday life has changed the way we live and even play. MMORPGs, LAN Gaming, Virtual Reality, Second Life and many others has wired millions of players under the pretext of a virtual community. Not only the tech savvy teenagers and young adults have indulged themselves in gaming but even the older folks has joined the bandwagon. Dubbed as Grey Gamers, older folks are taking part in gaming as a form of establishing a connection with their grandchildren. Even though so scientifically proven that gaming also helps to combat dementia that is commonly known among older folks. Nintendo has even included age groups above 25 ( 60+) as their target market to increase the gaming target market with games that appeal to a totally different market.

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Defination of Play

The engagement of activities that presently defines play, essentially involves


  1. Free: in which playing is not obligatory, it would at once lose all its attractive and joyous quality as diversion
  2. Separate: circumscribed within limits of space and time, defined and fixed in advance.
  3. Uncertain: the course of which cannot be determined, nor the result attained beforehand, and some latitude for innovations being left to the player’s initiative.
  4. Unproductive; creating neither goods, nor wealth, nor new elements of any kind; and, except for the exchange of property among the players, ending in a situation identical to that prevailing at the beginning of the game
  5. Governed by rules: under conventions that suspend ordinary laws, and for the moment establish new legislation, which alone count
  6. Make-believe: accompanied by a special awareness of a second reality or of a free unreality, as against real life.

Cited from “The definition of Play and The classification of Games” Roger Caillois caillois.pdf

Sustainability: A personal thought of the matter

Without a shred of doubt that mother earth may not hold out considering the human activities that has contributed to the amounts of natural resource consumption. We take and use, capitalize a profit out of mother earth, rip her and practically abuse her, in the end i wonder how much more beating can the earth take.

At every turn the century many predict the end of the earth and we are probably going out in a “bang” considering our time is up.
I suppose we can still sit on the matter, offer theories or take up “arms”. Though we may not know possibly enough at this time “Sustainability is a journey not a destination, if we can so possibly keep our homes, the living space we have, what more about the bigger picture of that space, our earth is our home.

Laughing off the matter solves nothing, ironically it is us, the average consumer that makes the biggest difference. As we journey through it together God willing we’ll find a way.

Well the one thing i have discovered… “I” do make a difference and so do you.